Our supply is enlarged with new profile!
UA profil

Our dry-construction palette is enlarged with own produced UA profile, that possesses Construction Industry Technical License of course.

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Construma 2010

In 2010 our company decided to "take our chance" on an international exhibition for the first time, namely, on the CONSTRUMA International Building Trade Exhibition. We have taken part on the exhibition before, but only as visitors. Besides our dry-construction products, we displayed other products used in building industry.

Construma 2010
Company presentation video 2010!
Development 2010

Since 1. September 2010 we have been technically prepared for the cutting of 8-tonner blade coil, thereby we are able to undertake the jobcutting of coils of this weight.

Renewed pricelist

New dry-construction (plasterboard) pricelist is uploaded. It is more colorful and clearly arranged through illustration with pictures.

How to download our detailed pricelist can be found in the "menu".

Installation of bridge cranes

In 2009 a bridge crane with 8 tons of bearing capacity was installed in one of our industrial shed. The crane makes our job easier thereby we are able to work more efficiently.