Plasterboard accessories

It is used for the longitudinal splicing of CD60 profiles.

Spring-actuated accessory for fixing CD60 profiles. Suspension rod is needed. Two types are available: normal (in case of normal loading) and safety (in case of greater loading).

Accessory for fixing CD60 profiles. With antivibrating effect. Two lengths are available: 6 and 9cm.

The most frequent accessory. Two sizes are available: 7.5cm and 12.5cm long.

The accessory of catenary anchors. (in case of normal and safety as well) It can be used for short suspensions or might as well used for extreme places. 12.5cm, 25cm, 50cm, 70cm, 100 and 150cm are available.

Suspension rod accessory. It is adaptable to bush two rods, by so doing a special length is accessible.

This clamp is used at the meet of beam and arch.