Plasterboard profiles

UD30 profil CD60 profil
CW50 profil CW75 profil CW100 profil
UW50 profil UW75 profil UW100 profil
UA50 profil UA75 profil UA100 profil

UD profiles are used for installing counter-ceilings. By the usage of antivibrating sponge (PAE tape), it is doweled onto the wall thereby ensuring the cohesion of the beams and arches (CD profile). It is used for boxing and plasterboard walls. It is made of galvanized sheet steel and produced as 3-4 meters fibers.

CD profile is used for plasterboard ceilings. Beams and arches are made of it and plasterboards are affixed to it. The UD profile that has already been mounted on the wall makes the fixation on the wall possible. There are various forms of the suspension of profiles. The form of fixation depends on the degree of suspension and the extent of loading. We produce two types of CD profile: CD 60 and CD 50 profile. The difference is recognizable only on the size of arris. Whilst CD60 is 60 mm wide, CD50 is only 50mm. Both types are produced as 3 and 4 meters long fibers. To lengthen the profiles a "splicing" exists. The profiles are made of galvanized sheet steel.

This profile is used for plasterboard partition-walls. The width of the profile is the same as the UW profile. The only difference is that the CW profile is erected vertically, while the UW profile is fixed to the ceiling or to the floor horizontally. Thereafter the CW profiles are placed in it. We produce three widths: 50, 75 and 100mm. Regarding space-saving the best is the 50mm profile (CW50) as the thinnest wall can be built of it, but this can be covered the least. The 75 and 100 mm profiles (CW75 and CW100) can be perfectly covered but the wall made of these is wider. The length of CW profile is determined by the headroom. Plenty of size is in stock so that you can build with the least amount of waste. It is made of galvanized steel sheet.

UW profile is used for plasterboard partition-walls. This profile is the receiver profile of CW profile. It is fixed to the floor or ceiling by doweling and with the usage of antivibrating sponge tape. Likewise CW profiles we produce it in three sizes: UW50, UW75 and UW100. It is produced in 4metres long fibres. It is made of galvanized steel sheet.

UA profiles are made of 2 mm thick galvanized steel sheet. It is used for partition-walls, where stronger cohesion is needed, for example the assemblage of battlement and case-frame. We produce three size of this profile as well: (just the same as CW and UW profiles) 50, 75 and100mm. The fibre length of profiles is 3m, 3.5m and 4m.

Besides the indicated fibre length we undertake the production of fibres with non-series length, with which you can save time and money.