Plasterboard additional

For suspension of engineering wires. There are galvanized and painted accomplishments! With holes of 4, 6, 8 size.

It is used for technological insulation, cover and as underlay sheet for hardwood floor in case of blind level floors.

It may be used as vapour-tight foil.

By the application of heat-reflecting foil or vapour-tight roofing foil vapour does not get into the insulation. Its long durability is due to its aluminum coverage. At matchings, we get a perfectly vapour-tight solution by the application of binding/adhesive reflective tape. It has a good heat-reflecting ability. The Ursa Elf Gemini glass-wool consists of two 50mm parts that are put on the top of each other so the insulating material can be used in 5 and 10cm thickness as well. A 5cm thick coil has 18 m2 coverage while placed 10cm thickly the coverage is 9 m2. It is yellow, deformation resistant. Lambda value: 0,045. Good fire-resistance.

The Knauf glass-wool products with ECOSE® Technology do not look like before and they have a different touch from what we were accustomed to. A revolutionary, formaldehyde-free binder technology, based on rapidly renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals. The ECOSE® Technology, the bio-based binder is the result of an exploratory development lasting five years that is soft to the touch and gives a natural brown color to the new generation of glass mineral wool as insulation material.

It is needed for bonding vapour-tight foil.

Used for the extension of heat-reflecting vapour-tight foil. Due to its glossy surface it can be applied without heat build-up.

Slender glass-fibre used for the abutment of plasterboard plates. It must be applied with the help of jointing plaster.

Mounted on UD profiles that are used for ceilings or on UW profiles that are used for partition walls, it absorbs the accidents of the ground and the wall; moreover, it serves as acoustic proofing. One side of it is self-adhesive so its mounting is easy and durable. It is available in four sizes: 30, 50, 75, 100mm wide. 30m/ coil.

It is used to clamp plasterboard partition walls. It affixes the profiles with a flick. You do not need Opel screws by which you can save time and money. It is available in two sizes.

With the help of plasterboard plane we can plane the edge of dressed plasterboard panels to be rectilinear. It can also be used for the measuring alteration of panels. The steel blade of the plane is replaceable.

Concrete drill (SD) with Vidia bit.