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Our company has been working as a family business since 1996.

When the Ltd. was founded, it started its operating with 3 persons on a rented company seat. In the followings, a company seat was purchased (1998) and the number of stuff increased to 5 persons. Further increase came in the number of staff (10 persons) and the company seat has been expanded. In the beginning, we provided our products mainly for the domestic market, and then we penetrated the foreign market. At first we worked on a 360 m2 estate that we enlarged with 480m2.

The ISO 9001:2000 quality management system has been introduced, maintained and our products of good quality and value/label are produced taking the requirements of this system into consideration.

A Spec-Profil Kft

The staff of Spec-profile Ltd.

Our objectives

Our objectives are to produce products of excellent quality, widening our product range by increasing efficiency. That is to be effectuated through machine investment, the modernization of the existing ones and the further training of our employees.