Arching door-frames

1,Arching the frame

To be able to form the wall surrounding the frame appropriately, it is important to know the headroom of the room, the inner width of the frame and the weight of the door leaf.

The height of the room H ≤2800 mm, width of the gap ≤850 mm, the weight of the door ≤25 kg

The receiving structure of the door is made of classical (CW and UW) profiles from 0,6mm thick plates. The UW profile is disconnected at the place of the door opening. The UW profile is fixed to the floor with two clamps on both sides of the frame. The CW profiles that are connected to the frame must be connected to the UW profiles on the floor and the ceiling with the help of two cuts and self-tapping screws. Connection elements made of UW profiles are placed above the door opening. To make the clothing above the frame easier, two short pieces of CW profile should be placed vertically above the connection elements.

Cw case/console profiles and the upper brace UW profiles are connected with the help of the stepped steel door-frame. It is done with 3,9mm sheet screws (type 4.2x13) that we screw into the joints of the door-frame (2screws/joint). During this process so called box-sustainers are established.

In so far as there is mineral-wool insulation in the wall, for improving the sound-proofing we should fill the holes with insulation materials between the door-frame and the profiles. Before closing, the box-sustainers should be filled with insulation material.

The height of the room H >2800 mm, width of the gap >850 mm, the weight of the door >25 kg

For anchoring the door-console, we prepare a device from UA brace profiles (2mm gauge number) that we affix with the help of slide-in or screwable "L" fastener. The weight of the door-wing can be the following:

  • UA 50 profile – door-wing weight max. 50kg
  • UA 75 profile – door wing weight max. 75kg
  • UA 100 profile – door-wing weight max 100kg

Solution made with screwable "L" fastener. The affixation of UA profiles to the floor or ceiling can be solved with adherent "L" anchors. These anchors should be connected to the floor and the ceiling with the help of anchoring that has a great bearing capacity. At the place of anchoring the ceiling's UW profile must be disconnected. The "L" fastener should be mounted directly into the framework at the floor and the ceiling. The "L" fastener is affixed to the UA profile with 2-2 M8 bolt with nut.

2, Arching wooden door-frames into partition-wall construction

Relative parameters:

The height of the room ≤2800 mm, width of the gap 850 mm, the weight of the door ≤25 kg

In so far as all the circumstances are fulfilled, vertical CW and UW profiles are used to form the door structure. In case of exceeding one of the boundary values in a factual situation, the UA profile must be used. The arrangement of the profiles is the same that is written about steel door-frames above. We suggest adjusting the frames after making the position of the partition walls final (coating, grouting). They are affixed into the wall with the help of mounting foam.

3, Coating around the frame

The vertical gaps between the plates above the door opening should be at least 15cm far from the edge of the coating. It is not allowed to have the gaps directly at the upper corner of the frame. The vertical gaps of the neighboring plates are affixed to the two relieving CW profiles that had been placed above the door opening previously. The occasional horizontal gaps must be placed at least 150mm far from the upper corner of the frame.